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Olokporo Audu Onweche

Chemical Engineer

Looking for an good position in a dynamic organization where my knowledge of web development and coding will contribute to achieving the company’s goa...

Etuk Diana Imabong

Electrical Engineer

A challenging position in a technical organization where I can enhance my skills and strength in conjunction with the institution’s goal and achieve e...

Ehoro Isaac Amechi

Mechanical Engineer

Looking for opportunities to incorporate my skills and training to help the company grow. I am looking forward to roles that will help me realize my p...

Adekunle Wasiu Mayowa

Avionics Engineer

A motivated, detail-oriented individual with an extensive background in software development as well as exceptional communication skills looking to se...

Jegede Kehinde Kunle

Petroleum Engineer

Dedicated individual with verse knowledge in the field of engineering. Currently looking for a job position in an organization that makes steady use o...

Adamu Jummai Sharifatu

Computer Engineer

To work in an organization that provides me with ample opportunities to enhance my skills and knowledge along with contributing to the growth of the o...

Mbang Victoria Pyam

Computer-Aided Engineer

I am seeking a challenging role in a reputable company to work with my technical expertise to help the company grow and strengthen my abilities by wor...

Anyanwu Alice Chika

Agricultural Engineer

To be placed in a company in which I can use my technical skills and leadership qualities to the upliftment of the company and personal growth.

Hamza Aisha Sara

Chemical Engineer

To utilize my technical skills for achieving the target and developing the best performance in the organization. I would like to implement my innovati...

Okwudili Theresa Ndidiamaka

Electrical Engineer

Looking forward to working with an organization which provides me an ample opportunity to explore my Technical skills towards organizational goals and...

Abdul-Azeez Aminat Samira

Agricultural Engineer

Result-oriented individual with the ability to efficiently utilize available resources to generate optimum profit for the organization. Looking to gai...

Ekeh Cecelia Nkiru

Computer-Aided Engineer

Secure a responsible career opportunity to fully utilize my training and skills, while making a significant contribution to the success of the company...

Sada Binta Lara

Materials Engineer

I am seeking opportunities to join a company that can help me in enhancing my skills, strengthening my knowledge, and realizing my potential. I am wil...

Ekezie Pamela Chiamaka

Information Engineer

Brilliant and clever individual with 5 years experience in engineering. Coming with the ability to invent new mechanical devices or tools that can aid...

Ibrahim Lydia Zainab

Information Engineer

Looking forward to a challenging environment, where I can refine my skill and expand my knowledge for the dynamic growth of the organization.

Okon Princess Eka

Biotechnical Engineer

Looking to utilize my technical skills with a challenging role in a reputed organization that not only does the organization grow but also enhances my...

Kupolati Ruth Oluwatosin

Metallurgical Engineer

Looking for a challenging career that will demand the best of my professional ability in terms of technical and analytical skills, and helps me in enh...

Ohakwu Justin Obinna

Computer Engineer

Position as an engineer or related position which offers key participation, team oriented tasks, immediate challenges, and career opportunity.

Kalu Leonard Azubike

Mechanical Engineer

Looking for opportunities to build my carrier that would help me in achieving greater practical excellence in the software industry, exceptional with ...

Nwaiwu Ann Chioma

Electrical Engineer

To enter into a hard-working and sincere profession, contributing to the success of an organization and at the same time enhance my knowledge and deve...