This article describes the COREN Council with emphasis on its membership, composition, committees, and functions.

Council Composition

The Council is the highest policy making body. Members of the Council must be registered Engineering Personnel. The Council consist of 26 members in accordance with the Act, as follows:

  1. The President - elected by the Council.
  2. Six (6) Representatives of the Nigerian Society of Engineers
  3. Four (4) Representatives of the Universities with Engineering Faculties
  4. One (1) Representative of the Polytechnics
  5. One (1) Representative of the Technical Colleges
  6. Six (6) Representatives from states of the Federation
  7. Four (4) Representatives of the Minister
  8. One (1) Representative of NATE
  9. One (1) Representative of NISET
  10. One (1) Representative of NAEC

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