This article hightlights COREN's registration processes for engineering personnel such as engineers, technologists, technicians, and craftsmen


In Section 1 (i) subsections (a) and (b) and subsection (3) of Section (4) of COREN enabling decree, Council is empowered to determine who are engineering personnel and to register them in their respective registers.

Council has been able to regulate, as contained in its publication CP3, that a person desiring to become a registered Engineering Personnel must, after obtaining the approved/accredited required academic qualification, must have four (4) years post-graduate experience which must be under the supervision of a senior registered Engineer.

Holders of BSc Science + M.Eng. 15 years Post Graduation be considered for registration in Engineers Cadre.

Council believes that the continuing effectiveness of an engineering personnel depends on his contact with a recognized professional society and therefore advises engineering personnel to belong to a recognized professional society.

It must be emphasized that membership of a society does not by itself grant automatic right to registration. Council still needs to satisfy itself that the academic qualification is registrable for the category applied for.

The decree specifies the abbreviation to be used by each cadre as follows:

  • A Registered Engineer shall use the abbreviation 'Engr' before his name
  • A Registered Engineering Technologists shall use the abbreviation 'Engn. Tech' after his name.
  • A Registered Engineering Technician shall use the abbreviation 'Tech' after his name.
  • A Registered Engineering Craftsman shall use his full title 'Craftsman' with his trade in bracket under his name.

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