This article describes the regulation and control duties of the Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN)


COREN is mandated by Decree 55 of 1970 Section 1 (i)(e) to regulate and control the practice of the engineering profession in all its aspects and ramifications. To do this Council set up a department and a Committee of Council (the Regulation and Control Committee) and endorsed certain programmes (as Engineering Regulation Monitoring (ERM) through which it can fulfill its mandate.

To achieve its objectives of ensuring that the practice of engineering in Nigeria is in accordance with relevant codes of practice, in the interest of public safety, and carried out by qualified engineering personnel, the following are Terms of Reference of the Regulation and Control Committee:

  1. to organize and supervise the ERM programme of COREN.
  2. to determine the qualification for appointment as an ERM inspector.
  3. to approve the list of ERM Inspectors recommended by the Registrar from among Registered Engineers and Registered Engineering Technologists.
  4. to recommend appropriate action to impose appropriate penalty on persons, group of persons, establishments and organizations who are in directed by ERM Inspectors as violators of Council Regulation or provisions of Decrees 55 of 1970 and 27 of 1992.
  5. to recommend to Council on withdrawal of registration due to violation of ERM codes and deletion of names from the Registers due to any other violations.
  6. to execute the Continuing Professional Development Programme.
  7. to carry out preliminary investigations, as may be directed by the Registered Engineering Personnel Investigation Panel, on allegation of professional misconduct brought against any registered engineering personnel or consulting firms as may be referred to it by Council or the President, and advise Council as appropriate.

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