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Regulating engineering in Nigeria

The Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria, COREN, was established by decree 55 of 1970 and amended by Decree 27 of 1992, now the “Engineers (Registration, etc) Act, CAP E11 of 2004” Law of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

A Message From The President & Council

Here at the Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN), we have the responsibility of upholding the honour, integrity, and interests of the engineering profession by supporting consistent high standards in the regulation of engineering, encouraging the growth of the profession in Nigeria, and inspiring public confidence.

Engr. Ali Alimasuya Rabiu

Becoming Registered

Engineering Personnel

In Section 1 (i) subsections (a) and (b) and subsection (3) of Section (4) of COREN enabling decree, Council is empowered to determine who are engineering personnel and to register them in their respective registers.

Council has been able to regulate, as contained in its publication CP3, that a person desiring to become a registered Engineering Personnel must, after obtaining the approved/accredited required academic qualification, must have four (4) years post-graduate experience which must be under the supervision of a senior registered Engineer.

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Engineering Firms

Council is empower to register engineering firms in divisions determined by their business value such as categories between one million & twenty million, twenty-one million & one hundred million, one hundred-one million & five hundred million, and above five hundred million nairas.

Council is also empowered to register consultancy firms in the following categories: sole ownership, partnership, and limited liability companies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I am not a member of any association. Can I still become COREN registered?

Been a member of COREN approved professional associations in Nigeria such as the NATE, NAEC, NSE, NISET or abroad such as Engineering Council (UK), CCPE (Canada), NCEES (USA), and IET presents a path to becoming COREN registered.

An alternative path involves writing a professional examination.

Personnel Registration

Who can propose me to the Council?

You would require two (2) proposers to recommend you to the Council. Both persons must be registered members of COREN and additionally must be up to date with their payments.

A person can only propose four (4) candidates to the Council in each calendar year thus it is important you contact your intended proposer(s) but also confirm they are eligible.

You can use our online checker to confirm eligibility of your proposers.

Eligibility Checker

How much does it cost to beome registered?

Cost of registration for personnel depends on consideration of options which includes engineering category, nationality, and location.

For firms, the considerations includes firm type, firm size based on business value, CAC registration type, and ownership.

You can use our online calculator to determine how much you would pay.

Payment Calculator
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