This article describes how to sending, deleting, and replying direct messages and blocking all or specific users

Sending Direct Messages

Direct messaging is a quick way to contact any registered engineer, technologist, technician, craftsman, or firm on the platform

Direct messages can also be sent to accredited institutions and affiliated associations.

To send a direct message, you must visit the user's page and navigate to the direct message box closer to the bottom of the page and type in your message

Responding To Direct Messages

To view and respond to direct messages, Go to Dashboard > User Options > Direct Messages.

You also have the alternative of viewing all messages between you and a specific user.

You can choose to reply and/or delete any direct message.

If you no longer wish to receive direct messages from a specific user, simply block that user. This is a reversible operation and the user would not be aware they have been blocked from sending direct messages to you.

Blocking All Direct Messages

You can block all direct messages by changing your settings, Go to Dashboard > User Options > Settings

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